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Build Your Own "Silent Paint Remover"

A couple of Broadway Historic District residents (also Rock Island Preservation Commission members) have constructed one based on tips from Dave at Ocean Manor House. You've probably seen a "silent paint remover" advertised for several hundred dollars. Well, turns out Dave from Salem, MA discovered how to build his own using a quartz heater for under $100! Visit his web site dedicated to documenting the progress on his own restoration and download the PDF documents there to see how he built his paint remover, and how others have improved on his original design.

A few tips for using this tool. It works great to remove thick layers of built-up paint from flat surfaces, such as clapboard, but obviously can be difficult to use for curved molding or other tight areas. A regular heat-gun can work better in these circumstances. You do have to be careful in how long you hold the paint remover over an area, as you can burn the surface of bare wood if you're not careful. Also, it does create a lot of heat, so be cautious in holding the tool and setting it down. It doesn't work as well if you're removing just a single layer of paint, especially if it's latex paint. You're better off using a tool like the Porter-Cable Paint Remover to "grind" that paint off.

We're on our second exterior restoration, so I've gleaned a lot of useful information over the years. So far, at least three of us on our street have built our own paint removers, so something must work!

Click here for instruction on how to build your own Silent Paint Remover

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